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Frequently Asked Questions

On the go content is for all healthcare professionals with a curiosity to expand their knowledge not only in their field, but on timely topics surrounding healthcare, technology, digital advances, and patient care.

Currently the on the go content ecosystem includes resources for:

  • Neurologists with interest in multiple sclerosis
  • Rheumatologists with interest in psoriatic arthritis and axial spondylarthritis
  • Oncologists with interest in breast cancer
  • Dermatologists with interest in psoriasis
  • Cardiologists with interest in ASCVD & heart failure

This content is developed and sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada for educational purposes and is the product of meticulous needs assessment practices, where Novartis Canada engages healthcare experts to understand their educational needs and accordingly co-creates medical and scientific content with them.

On the go content is exclusively available on www.pro.novartis.ca. To access this content, simply click on the “Register Now” button above and follow the steps.

Please note that this content is only available to registered Canadian healthcare professionals.

The collective refers to a group of multi-disciplinary healthcare experts (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) engaged by Novartis Canada, who are committed to addressing the needs of today to support the patient care of tomorrow.

Yes! On the go is more than a content ecosystem – it is a movement that is reimagining the way healthcare content is co-created and consumed. Our objective is to make highly relevant health, scientific, disease and treatment information both easily accessible and engaging to consume. If that mission speaks to you, reach out to your Novartis representative to find out more on how you can co-create content with us.

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